How Do I Stay Safe after a Car Accident on the Highway?
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Staying Safe after a Car Accident on a Highway

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You are much safer after a car accident on a city street than you are if you get into an accident on a highway. Given the much higher speed limits on California highways, after an accident, your safety is in the hands of people approaching your vehicle at upwards of 60 miles per hour. At those speeds, getting hit by a vehicle is almost an assured death sentence. For that reason, you should be extraordinarily cautious after an accident on the highway. It is safest to stay in your vehicle with your hazard flashers on until emergency responders arrive. Here are some other tips to ensure your safety after a highway accident.

  1. Look before you leap. Before you get out of your car, make sure your path is clear. Don’t let your confusion or panic following an accident provoke you into exiting your vehicle without knowing whether cars are approaching. This advice is best if you are able to get your car to the side of the road. If you are stranded with open lanes on both sides, stay inside and call 911.
  2. Make your presence known. Especially at night, it is important to signal to oncoming drivers that you are crashed. Bright clothing, reflective cones, hazard lights and road flares – which you should keep in your vehicle at all times – are good ways to signal other drivers.
  3. Shield yourself and your vehicle. You may run across a good Samaritan willing to park behind your vehicle to provide you and the other driver with some protection from oncoming cars. You’d be surprised how many helpful people you might find on the road after you are involved in an accident, and every little bit of help counts.

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