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San Luis Obispo Train Accident Victims Need a Lawyer’s Protection

Hurt or Lose a Loved One in a California Train Accident?

We Are San Luis Obispo Train Accident Attorneys Serving California’s Central Coast

Train accidents may seem rare, but they actually occur more than most people think. Whether you are a passenger on a railway car, or crossing the tracks on foot or in your vehicle, accidents with trains are typically catastrophic. According to the Federal Railroad Administration Office of Safety (FRAOS) Analysis, there were over 1,623 train accidents reported in California in 2017. Needless to say, these accidents leave individuals with dozens of resulting injuries — and sadly,

often result in fatalities. Who is responsible when it comes to train accidents? One of our knowledgeable San Luis Obispo train accident attorneys can help answer this question, as well as secure and protect your rights in a court of law.
At James McKiernan Lawyers, we pride ourselves on forming a personal relationship with you when we take you on as

a client. We work tirelessly to uncover the true cause of train accidents and use this information to determine who is responsible for the resulting damages. If you are suffering from injuries sustained in an accident with a train, then one of our experienced train accident attorneys can examine all possible angles in order to establish fault and/or negligence, therefore ensuring that you receive the best possible settlement.

What Are the Types of Train Accidents and Their Dangers?

Any type of train accident holds the potential for life-and-death consequences. Some of these accidents result from negligence while some are caused by tragic miscalculations or malfunctions. No matter the cause, if you have been involved in a train accident, consider hiring a skilled train accident attorney. He or she can discern the difference between the different types of train accident causes and help you determine the grounds for your lawsuit.

The most common types of train accidents reported in the state of California include:

  1. This is one of the more common causes of train accidents, with a reported 1,190 derailments in 2017 alone. Derailment occurs when one or more train cars slip or otherwise come off the tracks while the train is in motion. This serious malfunction can lead to a massive car pileup or a collision involving other trains. Common causes of derailment include excessive speed, faulty wheels and track obstructions.
  2. These types of train accidents occurred almost 100 times in 2017 — with 86 total reported cases of trains colliding with an object or person. In these cases, sometimes the fault lies with the negligence of the pedestrian or motorist, but often a faulty safety gate or an unmarked or malfunctioning railroad crossing is to blame in train accidents involving collisions.
  3. Equipment Defects. For example, a train bridge may lower, rise or fall unexpectedly due to a malfunction, therefore causing a collision with an oncoming train. Train bridges have also been known to collapse due to faulty engineering, natural disasters and/or poor maintenance, making the tracks unsafe for travel.

Who Is Liable for Train Accidents in California?

More often than not, determining cause and liability in train accident lawsuits is a complicated affair. In some cases, it may be due to the railroad company’s negligence when it comes to educating their signal operators and engineers. This negligent behavior makes the company liable in the case of a train accident. Improper or lack of continual routine maintenance is also another instance in which a company can be held liable in lawsuits involving train accidents.

Then again, in other cases — such as when a pedestrian is struck by a train — the pedestrian (or motorist) can be at fault. It all comes down to thorough researching, evidence and testimony concerning the accident to determine a case. This is one key reason why it is imperative to have an experienced train accident attorney by your side.

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Due to the size and velocity of both passenger and freight trains, injuries sustained in train accidents tend to be serious, if not fatal. Medical costs, both immediate and those incurred in the long term, can be overwhelming and seemingly insurmountable. Rest assured that the local San Luis Obispo train accident attorneys at James McKiernan Lawyers will work diligently to ensure that you receive the financial compensation that you deserve. Your attorney will utilize all of his or her resources in order to establish who is at fault, taking great care to ensure that your rights — and your future — are being protected.

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