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New Auto Part Recalls To Look Out For In The New Year

You’ve probably watched the news and heard that certain car manufacturers or auto companies are having huge auto part recalls, but you might not have known what that really meant, or if it applied to you. Product defects in cars are a major cause of car accidents, so it’s important to know what it means if your car has a product recall and what that process entails.

Unfortunately, defective products frequently hit the automobile market, causing serious injury to children and adults. Fortunately, our news media usually lets us know when there’s a massive product recall so we can prepare and take our vehicles in to the dealership for repairs. There are some companies recently that have been in the news when it comes to product vehicle recalls, specifically when it comes to airbags. Airbags are commonly recalled, and it’s important to be aware of these recalls because airbags keep you and your family safe while driving.

Recently in the news, the Japanese airbag company supplier Takata was blamed for installing extremely dangerous defective airbags in nearly two dozen car brands. The issue involves a defective inflator and an explosive propellant that deploys during crashes. From 2014 to November 2017, there were various airbag recalls for Toyota, Honda, Chrysler, Ford, Mazda, and a few other brands. Even at the end of 2017, there was multiple research studies done that showed that Toyota and Honda models from 10 to 15 years ago still had a chance of having dangerous materials in their Takata airbags. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, or the NHTSA, has more information on their website listing every model affected.

If a defective product, such as an airbag, has affected you or your family, don’t be afraid to take legal action. The San Luis Obispo lawyers at James McKiernan can help, and you may be entitled to compensation from the manufacturer, mechanic, distributer, retailer, shipping company or any other liable party.

Experience Counts in a Product Liability Case

When a product doesn’t do what it is intended to do and causes an injury because of it, there is a potential for a product liability case.

Most manufacturers are diligent in making sure that the products they make are safe and useful for the consumer, but sometimes there is a defect in the way the item performs When the product fails and causes an injury, they are potentially responsible for the costs of those injuries.

If the manufacturer was aware of the defects and potential hazards of the product they are liable for the injuries caused by the defect and possibly punitive damages as well. (more…)


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