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Central California Real Estate Dispute?

A San Luis Obispo Real Estate Lawyer From Our Firm Can Help

While many people rely on real estate brokers and agents to handle their transactions, this guidance may not prove effective in the event contract disputes or collapsed negotiations arise. By using a local real estate law firm like James McKiernan Lawyers for your transaction, you may be able to avoid costly litigation and disputes from the beginning. A San Luis Obispo real estate lawyer, unlike a real estate agent broker, has only your interests on his or her mind.

Real estate litigation and transactions can fall under both state and federal law. Our San Luis Obispo real estate litigation attorneys are highly knowledgeable and current in all applicable regulations and know how to put them to work for you. From preemptively managing contract issues during the review period and advocating for you during any later disputes, an attorney practiced in real estate law is a valuable asset to have on your side.

What Does a San Luis Obispo Real Estate Lawyer Do For You?

Whether you are buying, selling or performing a more complicated transaction, a real estate lawyer provides many services ― all protecting you and your investment. Some common real estate litigation or disputes include:

  • Contract breach
  • Failure to disclose known property defects or conditions
  • Failure to complete terms of purchase agreement
  • Failure of broker to investigate and disclose damage to property or home
  • Disputes over issues such as shared walls, roofs or property lines
  • Retail disputes (failure to disclose conditions)
  • Landlord/tenant disputes
  • Inspector failure to disclose termite damage
  • Failure to disclose other property damage
  • Commercial real estate purchases/leases including homes, condos, apartments, etc.

For example, if you buy a home and find previously undisclosed water damage to the roof, you will need a San Luis Obispo property damage claims lawyer to help right this wrong. This is just one way a real estate attorney can advocate for you.

For Your Real Estate Needs, Contact Our Law Firm Today

If you are looking for real estate advice or representation, call 888.442.2918 or contact James McKiernan Lawyers online. Discuss your case today in a free consultation with a top-quality San Luis Obispo real estate litigation attorney. Firm founder James McKiernan has over 30 years of experience standing behind him.


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