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Need Your Medical Debt Reduced After an Accident?

A San Luis Obispo Injury Attorney Can Help Get Excess Charges Decreased

After an accident or incident causing personal injury, your life may change in all the wrong ways. In addition to suffering physical and emotional pain due to the fault of another, you also find yourself saddled with major medical bills. If you are involved in a personal injury case, chances are your medical bills are very high, even if you have health insurance. A San Luis Obispo injury attorney from our firm do their utmost to negotiate with hospitals and medical facilities to get your health care costs down to a reasonable and manageable level.

How Can a San Luis Obispo Injury Attorney Provide Medical Debt Relief?

Unpaid medical bills are a burden on any family. Medical providers typically bill their services at a marked-up rate — a “retail” rate, to put it one way. If you do not have enough insurance coverage (and even if you do), you can end up with unmanageable medical debt.

During the process of settling your personal injury case, your San Luis Obispo medical bill reduction lawyers will contact your medical providers to attempt to have those bills reduced. Many healthcare facilities greatly reduce a bill if you pay in cash. Of course, all offices are different and all situations are different. We do our best to negotiate the best result for you. In the end, it is usually in the hospital’s best interest to reduce a bill, as that gives them a better chance for compensation.

What Is Subrogation?

You may not be aware that when you make a recovery or settlement in your personal injury claim, you are usually required to reimburse your health insurance company with part of your settlement monies. This is a typical part of your health insurance contract, but many people do not notice this clause in their policies. The process of enforcing this reimbursement is called “subrogation.”

The major point of subrogation is that an injured party should not be allowed “double recovery” — to profit from the loss. If your insurance company pays for your medical expenses, and then your personal injury claim settlement covers those same medical expenses, you can be seen as having profited. This is why the insurance company is entitled to reimbursement. Your personal injury lawyer can explain this process to you in greater detail.

Contact Us Today and Find Out How to Reduce Your Medical Bills

You should not have to deal with financial stress in additional to your physical injury. After an accident, medical bills can pile up and become overwhelming.  Contact James McKiernan Lawyers online or at 800-200-HURT for a free consultation with an experienced lawyer in San Luis Obispo to discuss options for settling your medical debt. We have more than 30 years of experience helping people like you recover and move on with their lives.

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