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Protect Your Livelihood With One of Our San Luis Obispo Business Attorneys

The San Luis Obispo business attorneys at James McKiernan Lawyers understand the difficulties in starting and running a business. A skilled, highly qualified attorney could be one of your greatest assets during the formation process, and afterwards to help you avoid and resolve disputes. If you are forming a business in or around San Luis Obispo, let James McKiernan Lawyers help you make the right decisions for your company.

We Can Help You Choose Your Business Structure

One of the first steps in starting a business is deciding which legal structure best suits your particular organization. Each type of business has its own legal and tax benefits, depending on the size and structure of your company. The most common business structures are:

  • Sole proprietorship. Appropriate for businesses owned by an individual, the business’ profits are considered the owner’s personal assets and the owner assumes all liabilities and debts.
  • Partnership. When two or more people join together to share ownership of a business, it is known as a partnership.
  • Limited Liability Company (LLC). LLCs offer owners some of the same advantages of a corporation and a partnership, including the availability of pass-through income taxation. 
  • C Corporation. A C corporation, usually just known as a corporation, is a business entity taxed separately from its owners.
  • S Corporation. The shareholders of an S corporation are subject to tax on their own shares of income based on their shareholdings.

A San Luis Obispo lawyer can help you and your partners decide which structure best fits your business.

Our San Luis Obispo Business Attorneys Help You Avoid Business Disputes

During your business’ lifespan, you may encounter conflicts, disputes and various legal issues. By establishing a relationship with accomplished San Luis Obispo civil litigation attorneys during the formation phase, you can help avoid certain conflicts.

An experienced business lawyer can help you:

  • Draft employee, employer, shareholder and other important contracts
  • Create vendor agreements
  • Develop an asset protection plan
  • Review written contracts
  • Notarize legal documents
  • Clearly lay out terms and conditions for various transactions
  • Perform due diligence before buying an existing business

When it comes to your livelihood, do not take any chances. One of the knowledgeable San Luis Obispo business attorneys from our firm can protect your business, assets and investments.

Contact Our San Luis Obispo Business Attorneys today

Whether you require legal assistance with business formation, disputes or other business matters, James McKiernan Lawyers can help. Our team of savvy professionals has the experience and expertise to resolve conflicts, and avoid future problems. Contact us today online or at 888.442.2918 for a free initial consultation.


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