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Instead of heading straight to trial, James McKiernan Lawyers recommends Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) methods, such as arbitration, to save time, money and frustration. A courtroom trial could take years to resolve and leaves your fate in the hands of a judge and jury. Arbitration allows parties more control over the proceedings and is often used in personal injury cases and other areas of law to help settle disputes. The San Luis Obispo arbitration attorneys at James McKiernan Lawyers help facilitate arbitration across central California.

Many clients ask the San Luis Obispo arbitration attorneys at James McKiernan Lawyers, “What is arbitration?” In essence, arbitration is a dispute resolution technique in which parties agree on an unbiased, third-party arbitrator or panel of arbitrators to review evidence in a case and render a decision. The parties set the rules and proceedings may be similar to a courtroom trial, though typically less formal.

Arbitration can be either binding or non-binding. If binding arbitration is chosen, the winning party can bring the losing party to court if he or she does not comply with the terms of the decision. Non-binding arbitration is used as an opportunity to resolve disputes but neither party is bound to comply with any decision by the arbitrator.

In some cases, arbitration is mandatory. For example, if you sign a business contract with an arbitration clause, you might be bound to arbitrate a dispute before litigation is possible. Mandatory arbitration is often used in business, commercial and work-related disputes. However, arbitration may be a voluntary method for resolving matter relating to personal injury, family law, real estate and other legal matters. Ask your San Luis Obispo mediation attorneys if arbitration or another form of ADR is appropriate for your case.

What Are the Advantages of Arbitration?

While arbitration may not be suitable for every legal issue, it does have several advantages over litigation, including:

  • Time efficiency. Lawsuits can drag on for years — arbitration typically takes much less time to complete.
  • Cost savings. During the litigation process, you may incur high attorneys’ fees. Arbitration resolves quickly, helping you recover an award faster.
  • More flexibility. The rules of evidence and procedure are typically less structured than a trial.
  • No judge or jury. Unlike a judge, an arbitrator is not bound by strict rules of procedure. The arbitrator or panel of arbitrators can often use more facts and evidence than a trial judge. Arbitrators try to be practical in their solutions, offering more flexible and agreeable resolutions.

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At James McKiernan Lawyers, we search for the most amicable, economical and effective solution for your case. Our San Luis Obispo arbitration attorneys are well-versed in dispute resolution methods — let us guide you through the complex legal maze. Contact us today online or at 888.442.2918 to schedule your free initial consultation.


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