A San Luis Obispo Appeals Lawyer Gets Results for You
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A San Luis Obispo Appeals Lawyer Getting Results for You

An appeals attorney performs a different function than a standard trial lawyer does. When you file an appeal, you are not asking a jury to decide the guilt or innocence of a person or entity. Instead, you are asking an appellate court to either uphold or reverse a decision that a lower court has already made.

You cannot take your case to appeals court simply because you are unhappy with a verdict that did not go in your favor. Your appeals lawyer must research precedents in similar cases and find grounds for appeal. Courts are not obligated to hear your appeal, so when you hire trial attorneys in San Luis Obispo, ensure you have selected the very best. Typically, you only have one chance to file an appeal.

Appellate Attorneys Serving the Central Coast

At James McKiernan Lawyers, your appellate lawyers work in tandem with your trial lawyers prior to filing for an appeal, using a team approach to decide upon the best strategy for your unique case. During appeal, well-written legal briefs are key, and our attorneys have years of experience working with the facts from trials to build clear and compelling arguments.

Why Should You Appeal?

Going to appeal has pros and cons. Of course, an appeal is an opportunity to obtain justice when you believe it was unfairly denied. On the other hand, an appeal prolongs the process and adds to costs. Following are some typical reasons why people hire appeals lawyers:

  • To obtain justice and a favorable decision
  • To convince the other side to settle instead of going on to appellate court
  • To show prejudice occurred during the original trial

Our appeals attorneys in San Luis Obispo are well versed in the law and spend substantial time studying case precedent as it relates to your legal matter. They create and communicate a sound and strong approach, working toward the best possible resolution for your case.

Contact Our Appeals Lawyers Today for Help

Quality legal representation is the key to a successful outcome for your appeal. Contact James McKiernan Lawyers at 888.442.2918 or online for a free consultation with an experienced San Luis Obispo appellate attorney. We have more than 30 years of experience helping people receive the outcomes they deserve.


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