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Injured By Defective Products? Trust San Luis Obispo Lawyers to Handle Your Case

At James McKiernan Lawyers, we want consumer products and motor vehicles to be safe for everyone. Unfortunately, defective products frequently hit the market, causing serious injury and illness to adults and children. If a defective product has affected you or your family, don’t be afraid to take legal action against the negligent party. You may be entitled to compensation from the manufacturer, mechanic, distributer, retailer, shipping company or other liable party.

Auto Defect Attorneys Serving Lompoc & Santa Maria, CA

When a hazardous defect is discovered in a line of vehicles, the manufacturer or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration must notify vehicle owners of the defect and offer a remedy, such as a free repair. Under federal law, this only applies to defects that pose a safety risk to drivers and passengers. Defective auto parts could cause:

  • Tire blowouts
  • Rollovers
  • Roof crushes
  • Fires
  • Burns
  • Airbag defects
  • Fuel leaks
  • Seatbelt defects
  • Braking hazards

But the San Luis Obispo accident attorneys at James McKiernan Lawyers know that accidents usually happen before a recall is ordered. And, if the defect is not related to safety, it might not be subject to recall. Non-safety-related defects and undiscovered defects are often the basis of products liability lawsuits. The laws surrounding products liability are complex, requiring the interpretation of only the most skilled injury attorneys in San Luis Obispo.

San Luis Obispo Products Liability Lawyers

Defective cars and car parts aren’t the only products that threaten our safety. Children’s toys, pharmaceutical drugs, sports equipment, construction materials, medical devices and countless other consumer items are often at the center of products liability lawsuits. The three main types of product liability lawsuits are:

  • Defective design — If the defect was the result of an inherently dangerous design, such as a choking hazard in an infant’s toy, the damage is likely to be widespread.
  • Inadequate warnings or instructions — Items that do not offer adequate warnings or instructions, such as hot coffee pots causing burns or medicines without proper side-effect warnings, that could injure users.
  • Manufacturing defect — If an error was made during the fabrication of a single product, such as cough syrup adulterated with arsenic in it or a swing set with a broken chain, your lawsuit would be based on poor manufacturing controls.

To successfully resolve your products liability case, you need the legal expertise and investigative resources of a San Luis Obispo personal injury lawyer at James McKiernan Lawyers.

Call a Defective Product Lawyer For Help

When a hazardous product threatens your family’s safety, it’s time to take action. James McKiernan Lawyers offers hard-hitting legal representation for injury victims in Santa Maria and the surrounding areas. Contact us today or call 805.242.5325 to schedule your free case evaluation.

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