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San Luis Obispo Dog Bite Attorneys Seeking Justice for Animal Attacks

From Paso Robles to the Five Cities, the San Luis Obispo dog bite attorneys at James McKiernan Lawyers represent people throughout the Central Coast who have suffered a serious personal injury due to the negligent, reckless or intentional misconduct of another. Our comprehensive personal injury and wrongful death practice includes every type of vehicle accident as well as slip and fall injuries and injuries caused by product defects, nursing home abuse, or assault and battery.

Our firm is also well-versed in California law concerning the liability of pet owners and animal owners for injuries caused by dog bites and other animal attacks. These attacks can cause severe physical and psychological injury. Fortunately, the law provides a remedy for victims of attacks to receive compensation for their injuries.

California Dog Bite Law

In some states, an owner will not be held liable for a dog bite in cases where the dog had not bitten before and the owner had no reason to believe the dog might bite another. California law, however, does not give a free bite to dogs and excuse their owners from responsibility. Owners are liable for the injuries caused by their animals regardless of whether the animal had ever shown any signs of dangerous propensities before. If the attack occurs in a public place, the owner is strictly liable for the damages caused, meaning that the injured plaintiff does not have to prove that the owner was negligent, and the owner cannot argue in defense that he or she was exercising reasonable care when the attack happened. This strict liability rule even applies to attacks that occur on the owner’s own property, if the injured person was lawfully on the property at the time the bite occurred. This includes guests who were invited onto the property as well as people who have a license under the law to come onto the property to conduct business, such as letter carriers, meter readers, delivery persons and repairmen.

Help from Animal Attack Lawyers in San Luis Obispo

A dog bite can cause severe and lasting injuries. A large dog can easily overpower a person, and even a relatively small dog can possess teeth and jaw muscles strong enough to crack bone or crush a skull. A deep bite can cause nerve damage and permanent paralysis to a limb. Any bite runs the risk of leaving its victim with a hard to treat infection or disease, as well as permanent scars or disfigurement. Pain, suffering, and enduring emotional trauma are frequent results as well. Some people survive a vicious attack with a life-long fear of animals or even of open spaces such as sidewalks and parks where dogs may be present. Our Central Coast personal injury attorneys understand these injuries and the associated costs of their treatment and compensation.

All of these outcomes are unfortunately multiplied when the victim is a child. Sadly, children are more vulnerable to attack because of their size and also because they may not yet be old enough to appreciate the dangers which animals can present. Our firm has successfully represented individuals and families of victims of the most serious injuries in all types of personal injury situations. Our injury lawyers know the law and have the skill and experience to seek justice for you or your child.

Contact an Experienced California Dog Bite Attorney Today

If you or a family member has been injured in an animal attack, contact a Santa Maria personal injury attorney at James McKiernan Lawyers to talk about what happened. We will take the time to listen to your story and advise you on your rights to receive compensation for your injuries. Your consultation is free, and we will not charge you any fee unless we recover for you. Contact us today for immediate assistance.

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