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Our San Luis Obispo Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys Can Help Protect Them

When you place a parent, grandparent, friend or family member in an assisted-living or skilled-nursing facility, the last thing you expect is elder abuse or neglect. However, some unscrupulous people may take advantage of someone you love, either financially, physically, sexually or mentally. Abuse of an elder is usually perpetrated by a caregiver and often occurs in a nursing home. If your loved one is a victim of elder abuse or nursing home negligence, then it is time to take legal action. Contact our San Luis Obispo nursing home abuse attorneys right away; we can help you move your loved one to another facility and hold the facility accountable for his or her injuries.

When the safety and well-being of your loved ones is in jeopardy, you need help. The elder abuse attorneys at James McKiernan Lawyers offer representation to individuals harmed in nursing homes as a result of abuse or neglect. We understand the emotional trauma of placing a loved one in care facility only to discover the care providers you trusted instead abused or neglected your loved one. Our lawyers have years of experience taking on cases that involve abusive care providers. Contact our nursing home abuse attorneys today for a free case evaluation. We can assist you in finding another facility so that he or she gets the care they need to recover from their injuries or emotional trauma. Then, we can help you file a claim against the nursing facility.

What Are Nursing Home Residents Rights?

As a resident of a nursing home, your loved one has certain legal rights. According to California law, caretakers must uphold residents’ rights to medical treatment, quality of life, privacy, visits, transfer, confidentiality, discharge, and freedom from restraint and abuse. Your loved one has the right to:

When nursing home workers violate these rights and harm results, then the responsible party along with the nursing home itself may be held liable. The nursing home’s liability depends on the particular facts and circumstance of the case. If you feel your friend or family member’s rights have been infringed upon, then speak with a San Luis Obispo senior citizen negligence lawyer right away. An attorney can help you obtain compensation for your loved one — and expose negligent nursing home facilities and caretakers. Abusive caretakers may even face criminal prosecution.

What Are the Signs of Elder Abuse and Nursing Home Neglect?

The first step in stopping elder abuse is recognizing it when it happens. In many cases, an elderly victim may be unable or unwilling to report abuse or neglect. Therefore, it often falls to the victims’ families to remain vigilant for elder abuse. When you visit your loved one in an assisted-living or skilled-nursing facility, check for the following signs of abuse and neglect:

Document what you see and what your loved one tells you. Do not be afraid to be the voice of advocacy for your elderly loved one. If you suspect abuse, an elder abuse lawyer in San Luis Obispo can act as an advocate for the person you love.

Concerned for a Loved One? Call Our San Luis Obispo Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys

As soon as you suspect abuse, pick up the phone or go online and contact James McKiernan Lawyers. An attorney will evaluate your case, free of charge and act quickly to end the abuse. Whether your claim results in a lawsuit or settles out of court, your action will stop the abuse and hold the responsible parties accountable for their actions or omissions. We can help you obtain fair and adequate compensation for your loved one’s suffering.

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