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Pismo Beach Boat Accident Attorneys

Whether you’ve been involved in a small boating collision or a major cruise ship accident, our Pismo Beach boat accident attorneys offer intelligent legal counsel for boat accident victims. Boating accidents can cause serious property damage — and serious injuries. Protect your legal right to compensation by retaining the most capable, accomplished boat accidents attorneys in Pismo Beach.

Consulting with our Pismo Beach boat accident attorneys

During your initial consultation with a Pismo Beach injury lawyer, you have an opportunity to review the details of your boating accident case. You and your lawyer can determine if you have a claim worth pursuing. The attorney may ask you questions regarding your injuries, property damage and medical treatment.  Importantly, to determine the validity of the case, you should answer critical questions about the accident, such as:

  • Was the captain intoxicated?
  • Was he or she driving at an excessive speed?
  • Was the boat operator in compliance with state, federal and local boating laws?
  • Did the boat, its parts or safety equipment malfunction?
  • Was the boat maintained properly?
  • Were all baggage and materials stored properly?
  • Did anything catch fire or explode?
  • What kind of vehicle was the driver operating: a motorboat, cruise ship, sail boat, Jet Ski or Wave Runner?

Our Pismo Beach lawyers are here to ease you through the confusing and intimidating legal process. From the initial claim to the final judgment or settlement, we are here for you.

Alcohol and water don’t mix

While a few boating accidents are caused by vehicle malfunction, most are the result of driver negligence — in other words, the captain’s actions or inaction led to the accident. The California Department of Boating and Waterways (DPW) estimates that alcohol is involved in approximately 25% of all motorboat-related fatalities. In fact, a driver with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .10% or greater is ten times more likely to cause an accident than a sober driver. Even at a BAC of .035%, a boater’s ability to operate a watercraft is impaired.

James McKiernan Lawyers houses a team of highly qualified accident attorneys in Pismo Beach who can evaluate your case and decide if driver intoxication led to the crash.

Pismo Beach boat accident attorneys fighting for you and your family

When a leisurely day on the water turns to tragedy, James McKiernan Lawyers is here to help. For a free initial consultation, contact our firm to schedule an appointment. Let us answer your questions and address all your concerns so you can feel confident proceeding with a civil case.


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