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Guadalupe Elder Abuse Law Firm

When the safety and well-being of your loved ones is in jeopardy, the Guadalupe elder abuse law firm of at James McKiernan Lawyers are here to help. When you place a parent, grandparent, friend or family member in an assisted-living or skilled-nursing facility, the last thing you expect is abuse or neglect. But some unscrupulous people may take advantage of someone you love, either financially, physically, sexually or mentally. If a loved one has been a victim of elder abuse or negligence, it’s time to take legal action.

A Compassionate Guadalupe Elder Abuse Law Firm

As a resident of a nursing home, your loved one has certain legal rights. According to California law, caretakers must uphold residents’ rights to medical treatment, quality of life, privacy, visits, transfer, confidentiality, discharge, and freedom from restraint and abuse. Your loved one’s basic rights are:

  • The right to be treated with respect and dignity in recognition of his her individuality and preferences.
  • The right to quality care and treatment that is fair and free from discrimination.
  • The right to have relatives or a legal representative act on his or her behalf to exercise these rights when the elder is unable to do so.

If you feel your friend or family member’s rights have been infringed upon, speak with our Guadalupe elder abuse law firm right away. An attorney can help you obtain compensation for your loved one — and expose negligent nursing home facilities and caretakers. Abusive caretakers may even face criminal prosecution.

Signs of Elder Abuse

The first step in stopping elder abuse is recognizing it. When you visit your loved one in an assisted-living or skilled-nursing facility, check for the following signs of abuse:

  • Bedsores — Check the skin areas of the feet, legs, buttocks, and back for red marks, soft spots, bruises or discolorations that could indicate developing bedsores, which may be a sign a bedridden patient has not been repositioned as often as medically required to avoid injury.
  • Poor hygiene — Patients should be bathed often, have their teeth brushed, hair combed and clothing changed every day.
  • Tension with caregivers — If a nurse, therapist, technician, doctor, aide or other caregiver appears hostile, neglectful, impatient or otherwise unfriendly, overworked or uncooperative, you may have reason to suspect abuse. Try visiting at different times to observe how well these people interact with your loved one, their patient.
  • Physical injuries — Broken bones, bruises, welts, sprains, and dislocations could be the result of a fall or other preventable injury or even assault by a staff member.
  • Changes in personality or behavior — A dramatic shift in behavior could signal mental, physical or sexual abuse.
  • Weight loss — Sudden weight loss may be a sign of inadequate feeding or malnutrition.
  • Suspect financial activity — You may catch the facility or caregiver overcharging, charging for services not rendered or stealing money or possessions from the resident.

Don’t be afraid to be the voice of advocacy for your elderly loved one. If you suspect abuse, an elder abuse lawyer in Guadalupe can act as an advocate for the person you love. James McKiernan Lawyers has vast experience litigating nursing-home-abuse matters.

Put Our Guadalupe Elder Abuse Law Firm To Work For You

As soon as you suspect abuse, pick up the phone or go online and contact James McKiernan Lawyers. An attorney will evaluate your case, free of charge, and act quickly to end the abuse. We can help you obtain fair and adequate compensation for your loved one’s suffering. Contact our Guadalupe elder abuse law firm today at 800-200-HURT to schedule your free initial consultation.

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