Case Results

  • $1.35 Million Dirt Bike Accident

    Riding a dirt bike at a friend’s home on acreage, suffered life-threatening injuries when low hanging cable hit the rider in the neck. James McKiernan Law subbed in as new attorneys, found coverage, and settled for policy limits in 4 weeks.

  • $1.3 Million Car Accident

    James McKiernan Lawyers settled our case for the policy limits of $1,000,000 against the driver and got another $300,000 from the passenger’s insurance company for a total settlement of $1,300,000.

  • $1.3 Million Off Road Vehicle Accident

    Riding in the back seat of an off-road vehicle when the driver drove off a forest service road into a canyon resulting in severe injuries. Structured annuity resulting in tax-free payments to the client.

  • $340 Thousand Motorcycle Accident

    While riding his motorcycle client was hit from behind by a food delivery App service resulting in a knee injury.

  • $281 Thousand Vehicle Accident

    Policy limits settlement, client was a minor and a passenger when no fault of his own the vehicle crashed resulting in serious lifelong permeant injuries.

  • $250 Thousand Vehicle Accident

    Client suffered loss of spouse in tragic auto accident, policy limits settlement in weeks from accident.

  • $230 Thousand Bicycle Accident

    Riding his bicycle legally, was hit in a crosswalk resulting in soft tissue injuries.

  • $137 Thousand Bicycle Accident

    ($100,000 settlement plus UIM of $37,500) Client riding his bicycle when due to inattention of car driver,car hit him resulting in a closed leg fracture.

  • $112 Thousand Car Accident

    ($50,000 Policy limits plus $62,500 in UIM coverage) Client was parked behind fast-food restaurant letting her dog walk next to her truck when defendant clipped her car door pinching her fingers resulting in soft tissue injuries.

  • $100 Thousand Vehicle Accident

    Defendant turned left in front of client who had the green light and right of way, policy limits settlement with combined UIM coverage.

  • $100 Thousand Pedestrian Accident

    Walking in a crosswalk and driver not paying attention hit client resulting in soft tissue injuries.

  • $100 Thousand Auto Accident

    (Settlement $85,000 policy limits from 3rd party, plus $15,000 UIM and Med-Pay from plaintiffs policy.) Auto accident resulting in soft tissue injuries and lost wages

  • $90 Thousand Vehicle Accident

    Minor property damage to her vehicle after a minor rear end accident, soft tissue injuries.

  • $73 Thousand Dog Bite

    Dog bite from neighbors dog while walking through his apartment complex, soft tissue injuries.

  • $19 Thousand Dog Bite

    Dog Bite, Client was walking near his home, dog ran up and bit him, punctured wounds on his wrist.

  • $16 Thousand Bicycle Accident

    While hiking on local public trail, minor child on bicycle rammed into client on a downhill slope knocking client down over embankment causing soft tissue ankle injuries.