When is Your Risk for a Motorcycle Collision the Greatest?
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When is Your Risk for a Motorcycle Accident the Greatest?

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As with anything, the newer you are in the activity, the fewer skills you have acquired. The same is true for motorcyclists. They simply have not developed the degree of skill that an experienced rider, and consequently they are more prone to being involved in accidents. If involved in an accident, Paso Robles auto accident lawyers can protect your rights to recover compensation.

The Insurance Journal reports that studies show the first year of driving is the most dangerous for motorcyclists, and their greatest propensity for accidents is during their first month on the road. In fact, they are four more times at risk for having an accident during the first month. One study shows that nearly 57,000 motorcyclists filed crash claims, and of those 22 percent of motorcycle accident victims experienced accidents within the first month. Once the first month was behind them, claims dropped by one-third the second month, and by six months close to two-thirds. Supersport bikes are among the most dangerous motorcycles. They can reach close to 200 miles per hour and are very popular with young drivers. According to one consumer report, while the bikes were only 10 percent of registered motorcycles in 2005, they led to 25 percent of motorcyclists’ deaths. Excess speed and driver error were the largest factors in fatal crashes involving supersport bikes.

If you are involved in a serious accident, motorcycle accident lawyers in San Luis Obispo can help you deal with insurance companies and parties who are liable for your accident.

James McKiernan Lawyers works diligently to overcome biker bias and other obstacles so you receive fair compensation for injuries.

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