When Do You Need A Lawyer To Deal With Your Injury Case?
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When Do You Need a Lawyer to Handle Your Injury Case?

Author: James McKiernan Lawyers
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For minor injuries and damages, you can probably deal with an insurance company yourself and receive fair treatment. However, when another person or entity causes you serious injury, you should consider obtaining a lawyer. In most injury claims, insurance companies have insurance adjusters and legal teams standing by to protect their interests. Santa Maria injury lawyers can help level the playing field and advocate on your behalf.

Insurance companies use various tactics for reducing compensation in injury claims. Understanding that your medical bills are mounting up and your finances are tight when too injured to work, they usually try to convince you to settle as soon as possible. However, their initial offers are typically too low to cover your injury-related expenses. Insurance companies take advantage of victims’ lack of knowledge about medical costs and insurance payouts. They also may try to discourage you from obtaining a lawyer. When your injury leads to permanent disability, it takes awhile for your doctor to evaluate that you have reached maximum medical improvement. The definition that the U.S. Department of Labor uses for maximum medical improvement is “well-stabilized and unlikely to change substantially with or without medical treatment.” Only when you know the extent of your injuries, do you get a good idea of what future medical expenses can entail and the amount of compensation you need to receive.

Experienced injury attorneys serving Santa Maria, CA are familiar with insurance company strategies, know how to estimate injury costs, have in-depth knowledge of applicable laws and know what compensation amounts are fair.

James McKiernan Lawyers offers a free consultation to discuss your injury and you owe us nothing unless we recover compensation on your behalf.

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