What Steps Do I Need to Take After a Rollover Accident?
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What to Do After a Rollover Accident

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rollovers are one of the most dangerous types of car accidents in san luis obispo county

A rollover accident is often traumatic and life-threatening. When a 3,000-pound automobile rolls off the road, it can crush the occupants inside. In an effort to prevent fatalities and save lives, carmakers have turned their attention to reducing rollover accidents. Today’s cars now come equipped with safety features that help protect drivers and passengers during a rollover crash. However, rollover crashes are still some of the most dangerous accidents on the road. When you get into a rollover accident, it is important to know what to do. Acting quickly and taking the right steps after a crash can have a significant impact on your ability to recover and get the money you need.

What Causes Rollover Accidents?

If you suffered an injury in a rollover accident, it is important to understand what could have caused this accident. There are numerous causes of rollover crashes. Since the majority of rollovers do not involve a collision with another vehicle, establishing liability is difficult. Knowing these causes can help you and your attorney pinpoint who is liable for your accident and injuries.

Frequent causes of rollover accidents include:

  • Running over a pothole or road obstruction, resulting in tipping
  • Taking a turn while going too fast
  • Driving into a ditch
  • Speeding
  • Unsafe distribution of weight
  • Tire defects
  • Suspension system defects
  • T-bone accidents
  • Striking a median or barrier

Some types of vehicles have a higher rate of rollovers than others. In general, any vehicle with a high center of gravity will rollover or tip easier. Some of the most common vehicles involved in rollover crashes include:

  • SUVs
  • Pickup trucks
  • 15-seater vans
  • Commercial vehicles

What Can You Do After a Rollover Accident?

A rollover crash can result in severe injuries. As an occupant in the vehicle, you may find yourself trapped in the car or crushed beneath the weight of the roof. Even if you do not believe you suffered an injury, chances are good that you have. As such, it is important to act quickly and take the following steps.

Seek Medical Attention

After any type of accident, it is important to seek medical attention. This is the most critical step you can take after an injury accident. Rollover accidents are especially traumatic. It is important to go to a hospital to undergo a professional medical evaluation. If you suffered an injury at the accident scene, call 911 to alert emergency medical teams to the accident scene.

Talk to Police

If the police arrive at the scene, it is important to remain calm and speak with them about the accident. Give them the facts but avoid making statements that admit blame. Also, avoid speculating about what caused the accident. Be honest and forthcoming with the police and ask for a copy of their report.

Gather Evidence

If you can, gather evidence at the accident scene. This includes taking pictures of the accident, road surface and crash damage. Be sure to take notes about anything that you believed contributed to the rollover accident, such as road hazards. If there are eyewitnesses or other drivers involved, get their contact information as well.

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