Why Is California Experiencing a Spike in Pedestrian Accidents?
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What Is Causing the Spike in California Pedestrian Accidents?

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Dead pedestrian after a car accident in the street

Fatal pedestrian accidents have spiked across the U.S. in recent years. This is especially true in California, which saw 55 more deaths in 2019 than 2018 during the same sixth month interval. The recent spike has prompted safety researchers and government officials to wonder at the cause. In the meantime, cities are looking for ways to make California safer for pedestrians. Until that time, Californians should take precautions when traveling the roads by foot

Possible Causes for Increased California Pedestrian Accidents

It is currently unclear what factor or number of factors are to blame for the recent spike in pedestrian accidents. The recent data is still too new to be fully accounted for. However, researchers have some ideas about possible explanations. While no one factor is likely to blame, the most likely causes of the spike in pedestrian accidents include increased numbers of:

  • People walking and biking near roads in urban areas.
  • Cell phone and other electronic device usage.
  • Large vehicles, like SUVs, on the roads, which are more likely to kill on impact.
  • Drug or alcohol impairment.
  • Unsafe road crossings.

How to Avoid San Luis Obispo Pedestrian Accidents

Whether you are a driver or a pedestrian in California, there are precautions you can take to prevent accidents. In both roles, exercising extra caution on the road is necessary to cut back on crashes. As a driver, you should:

  • Always follow the speed limit.
  • Obey all traffic signals.
  • Never drive distracted or impaired.
  • Keep an eye out for pedestrians, cyclists and jaywalkers.
  • Prepare to stop for a pedestrian at a crosswalk.
  • Try not to block crosswalks, even momentarily.

At the same time, pedestrians can help to prevent accidents by:

  • Looking both ways before crossing the street.
  • Keeping an eye out for oncoming traffic.
  • Obeying all traffic signals.
  • Crossing the street in marked crosswalks.
  • Avoiding crossing while distracted.
  • Staying in well-lit areas and making eye contact with drivers while crossing.
  • Walking on the sidewalk or shoulder, as far from the road as possible.
  • Staying away from roads and traffic while impaired.

What to Do When a Pedestrian Accident Leaves You Injured

If you sustained injuries in a pedestrian accident, contact one of our San Luis Obispo accident attorneys. You will likely need to file a personal injury claim to secure damages. The compensation awarded in pedestrian injury cases allows victims to manage their medical conditions. This compensation often covers medical bills, physical therapy expenses and attorneys fees.

Get Help From Our San Luis Obispo Pedestrian Accident Attorneys

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