New California Driving Laws to Know About in 2019
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New California Driving Laws to Know About in 2019

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State lawmakers recently passed multiple new laws that went into effect at the start of the year. Failing to follow these laws could put you and others at risk. At a minimum, you could receive a citation or even jail time. To avoid these outcomes, we encourage you to continue reading our blog to learn more about the new laws that went into effect.

New Rules for Ignition Interlock Devices in California 

SB 1046 created requirements for first-time and repeat DUI offenders. Under this new law, first-time DUI offenders must use an ignition interlock device for one to two years if they caused an accident that led to injuries. A court can also order a first-time offender to use an interlock device for six months. Two and three-time DUI offenders must also use interlock devices for a specified period of time that is dependent on the circumstances.

California has a high rate of drunk driving accidents, especially during the summer months. This new law may help make our streets safer, but it is not a guarantee that you will avoid an accident with an intoxicated driver. You should always contact an attorney after suffering injuries caused by a drunk or drugged driver.

New Rules for Dealerships and License Plates

Did you just purchase a new or used vehicle? The dealership is required by law to ensure your vehicle contains a temporary license plate before it leaves the lot. This is only if the vehicle you purchased does not already have a license plate.

Bicyclists Can Be Charged with Felony Hit-and-Runs

California lawmakers expanded the state’s felony hit-and-run law to apply to cyclists who are involved in accidents on bike paths. Cyclists must stop at the scene of the accident to ensure the other person is unharmed.

You should always exchange information after an accident, including insurance and contact information, even if you are a cyclist. There are cases where it is necessary to call emergency services or law enforcement to the scene of an accident.

DMV Test Contains Questions About Loose Cargo

Some accidents are caused by loose cargo falling from vehicles and hitting other motorists. Both commercial and passenger vehicles may fail to secure objects from falling. For this reason, lawmakers passed AB 1925, a law that requires the DMV’s driver tests to contain at least one question about loose objects, such as ladders or buckets.

Minors Can Receive Tickets for Not Wearing a Helmet

Minors can now receive tickets, specifically “fix it” tickets, for not wearing a helmet while using skateboards, skates, bikes or scooters. If a minor receives this ticket, they can take a bicycle safety class and obtain a helmet that meets state safety requirements within 120 days. Parents must pay a $25 fine if they cannot prove within 120 days that both requirements were met. The overall expenses caused by the fine can exceed $200.

Helmets reduce the risk of catastrophic and fatal head injuries. Although helmets may not always be able to prevent a concussion, there is ample evidence that cyclists who wear helmets are less likely to suffer life-altering injuries or death during a crash.

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