The Number One Cause of Injury and Death Among the Elderly
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The Leading Cause of Injury and Death for the Elderly May Surprise You

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Yes, falling down is the number one cause of injuries and deaths among older Americans. Each year more than one in four older adults aged 65 and above will fall. According to the CDC this represents 29 million falls, 3 million emergency department visits 800,000 hospitalizations and 28,000 deaths each year.

Falls are among the 20 most expensive medical conditions treated by medical providers and related costs will continue to soar as America’s baby boomers grow older.

What can older adults do to prevent falls?

  • Make your home safer. Remove trip hazards, small throw rugs, consider grab bars and non-slip mats.
  • Have a friend or family member walk with you one time to scope out your daily route to the store or gym or church looking for obstacles and hazards.
  • Have your eyes and feet checked by your doctor, updating your footwear and glasses.
  • Exercise at home to improve your strength and balance, especially your legs to make them stronger and feel more confident.
  • Talk openly with your family or close friends and medical providers about your fears or concerns about falling because of physical limitations or medications.

For more information about the dangers of falls and how to prevent them, check out the following links from the CDC:

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