Thanksgiving is One of the Most Dangerous Holidays
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Did You Know Thanksgiving is One of the Most Dangerous Holidays?

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Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and you probably already have plans to meet up with family and friends for food, football and fun. Thanksgiving is one of the most traveled holidays of the year. And for an overwhelming majority of people, travel by car will be the transportation method of choice.

This holiday has a dark side, however. Thanksgiving is one of the most dangerous holidays to be on the road. Unfamiliar roads, late night driving and especially intoxication contribute to a high number of car accidents. Statistically speaking, Thanksgiving regularly rates among the top holidays for drunk driving fatalities. The day prior to Thanksgiving (sometimes known as Black Wednesday, Blackout Wednesday, Drinksgiving and Thanksgiving Eve) is one of the busiest nights of the year for bars.

Here is a list of tips to help keep you safe and make sure your Thanksgiving goes off without a hitch.

  • Make sure your vehicle is in working order. Prior to the holiday, fill your gas tank, air up your tires and make sure your wiper fluid is full.
  • When driving, make sure to wear a seat belt. Many victims of fatal car accidents during Thanksgiving are not wearing seat belts.
  • Drivers should be well-rested and alert.
  • When driving in work zones, use caution. Slow down and obey all signs.
  • Avoid distractions, especially cell phones.
  • Obey the speed limit.
  • Clean your headlights, taillights, signal lights and windows.

If you are involved in an accident with a drunk driver:

  • Seek medical attention, even if you do not believe you have been seriously injured. Some injuries, like traumatic brain injury, may not manifest symptoms right away.
  • Document the scene of the crash. Take pictures of all vehicle damage, all injuries and get contact information from all witnesses.
  • Discuss the accident in a free consultation with a personal injury attorney.
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