Why Has James McKiernan Lawyers Filed a Lawsuit Against Lyft?
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James McKiernan Lawyers Files Sexual Assault Lawsuit Against Lyft

Author: James McKiernan Lawyers
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James McKiernan Lawyers has filed a class action lawsuit against Lyft, Inc. on behalf of a passenger who was sexually assaulted by a driver. On November 4, 2018, a woman who had been drinking used the Lyft app to hail what she thought would be a safe ride home. During that ride, the woman blacked out and was escorted into her home by the Lyft driver. The driver sexually assaulted the unconscious woman for 30 minutes. After the assault, the man used the woman’s cellphone to give himself a $20 tip on the Lyft app. Authorities later arrested the assailant. His actions were caught on a home surveillance system.

Many individuals rely on rideshare companies to get home safely after a night on the town. Yet few people realize just how unsafe the drivers for these companies can be. This can lead to kidnappings, physical attacks and sexual assault.

Ridesharing companies have the technology and resources to make their rides safer but have not taken the necessary steps to do so. When cities asked Lyft to institute fingerprint background checks, the company claimed the measure would scare away potential drivers. Yet it operates in New York City and Houston despite both cities requiring the security measure. In May of 2018, a report from CNN highlighted that over the past four years, 120 rideshare drivers sexually assaulted passengers. CNN’s report also listed Lyft drivers. The company has not taken clear action to prevent the hiring of drivers with questionable backgrounds. This is why lawsuits like the one we have filed in San Luis Obispo Superior Court are so important.

Lawsuits like these, pioneered by trial lawyers, hopefully will make an eventual and lasting change in securing safety for all rideshare passengers. —James McKiernan

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