Avoid Child Head Injuries with These Home Safety Measures
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Practice These Safety Measures To Avoid Child Head Injuries In Your Home

Author: James McKiernan Lawyers
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Head injuries in young children are common and dangerous, and potentially fatal, so it’s important to know how to prevent them as a parent. Child-proofing your home, keeping your backyard and outdoor areas safe, and having bed and crib safety are three ways you can help avoid child head injuries.

Child-proofing your home can seem like a tedious task, but it’s the number one way to make sure your children are safe. You can install window guards on all windows that can open. You can also place a safety gate at the top or bottom of your stairs, and in general make sure that your kids aren’t playing and running up and down the stairwell. Having high chairs with actual safety belts is important, as well as storing any dangerous weapons or sharp objects away in locked cabinets.

Another way to reduce child head injuries is to make sure the outside of your home is safe. Make sure all playground materials are safe with shock-absorbing materials like rubber or soft mulch. Also ensure that all playground or outside structures are not too high off the ground. Trampolines, although fun, result in many child head injuries every year, so removing them from your backyard can reduce injury.

The last main way you can reduce head injuries in your children is to make sure your bed and cribs are protected. Keep side rails on your cribs up, especially at night. Also, don’t let your children jump on the beds, and if you have bunk beds make sure the ladder and frames are strong and that there are side rails on the top bunk.

With these prevention tips, you can reduce the likelihood of a head injury in your family’s home. In case there is a life-threatening accident, you may be entitled to a monetary award from a negligent party, and the skilled head injury lawyers at James McKiernan can help maximum your compensation and help you recover in peace.

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