California Police Seek to Prevent Underage DUI with Sting Operations
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California Police Conduct Sting Operations to Prevent Underage Drinking

Author: James McKiernan Lawyers
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Santa Maria police have recently begun using minors in sting operations to prevent underage drinking. The operations work as follows: a plainclothes officer would enter a liquor store, followed shortly by a teenager. The teenager would walk up to the counter and attempt to purchase alcohol with cash. If the sale went through, the police would move in.

Fortunately, every store the sting operation involved asked for ID, which the minor did not have. He left empty-handed.

Underage DUI Statistics

Did you know that 17 percent of fatal alcohol-related accidents involve licensed drivers under 21? This is despite the fact that only 10 percent of licensed drivers are under 21. Additionally, underage drinkers tend to binge drink, leading to higher BAC and a higher rate of underage drunk driving accidents. In California, anyone under 21 who has a BAC higher than 0.01 percent can be charged with DUI.

Underage drinkers are more likely to behave recklessly on the road and are also less likely to wear seat belts. These factors can contribute to an increased likelihood of being involved in a deadly car accident.

If you have suffered injury in an accident caused by a drunk driver, our law firm can help. Our attorneys will conduct a thorough investigation into the cause of your accident and identify all responsible parties in order to help you receive the compensation you deserve.

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