Don't Let These Common Auto Accident Scams Fool You
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Don’t Fall For These Auto Accident Scams

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Anyone can say that a car accident is one of the most traumatic, expensive, and dangerous events to happen to them. After recovering from the shock and the physical damage, the last thing you’ll want to worry about is someone trying to scam you. Here are some things you can look out for in an auto accident scam(because no one likes to be caught off-guard).

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Types of Scams

One common type of auto accident scam is a staged accident. An example of a staged accident is a T-Bone accident. This is when a scam artist will wait for you to go through an intersection, and then proceed to ram into you and T-bone your car. Another scam accident could be The Wave, which is when someone gives you the wave signal to switch lanes, but when you do they will accelerate and collide with your car, claiming that it was your fault. One last example is the Swoop and Stop, which is when a car will suddenly pull in front of yours and stop, causing an accident.

Another type of auto accident scam is claiming phony injuries at the scene of the accident. Someone might claim that they were seriously injured when you clearly saw they weren’t. They might even work with shady doctors and file personal injury claims for fraudulent injuries. These scams are difficult to detect, but it’s important to be alert to the other party and what they’re claiming.

One last type of auto accident scam that you should be aware of is a towing scam. Be careful if tow trucks approach you before you had time to call for assistance. These scam artists are probably attempting to scam you by offering a tow at very inflated rates. Always look for an official title of the towing company, or ask for proper documentation or proof if you feel unsure.

The San Luis Obispo automobile accident attorneys at James McKiernan Lawyers help people all along the Central Coast who have been injured in an auto accident to recover compensation for their injuries. We will also conduct a thorough investigation into the cause of the accident, including identifying all responsible parties and helping to find any potential scammers.

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