How To Protect Your Home Against Wildfires


Picture of firemen fighting a blaze

For families living in California, life can currently seem pretty dangerous. Your home, specifically, can be at risk when it comes to wildfires. Wildfires and forest fires can spread very quickly and can put your home, and family, in danger if you’re not prepared. Thankfully, there are a few ways to reduce your home’s flammability and prepare for any other future wildfires to keep your family safe. The three most important factors in protecting your home are knowing your location, eliminating flammable materials in your home, and ensuring defensible space.

Geography is extremely important; this refers to where in California your neighborhood is located and where your house is located on the landscape. Mountainous regions of California are the most likely regions to suffer from quick spreading wildfires; this is because of the wind tunnels and dry grass surrounding these neighborhoods. Building your home on a steep slope surrounded by wild lands will put your property at the highest risk.

The next factor is making sure to get rid of flammable objects and features in your home. These things could include nail polish remover, aerosol cans, open gasoline containers, and hand sanitizer, among others. One of the main hazards that can increase your home’s flammability is having open and wind-blown embers, specifically from fireplaces. You can install ember resistant vents, Class A Roofing, or just remove flammable materials from the proximity of open fires to prevent embers from causing problems.

The last factor in keeping your home safe from fires is having adequate defensible space. This means having enough cover around your house in order to reduce structure loss in case of a massive fire. One hundred feet is usually enough, and within that range, make sure there’s no excess vegetation hanging or touching your structure.

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