Motorcyclist taken to hospital after collision in Paso Robles


Motorcycle Accident

A motorcyclist was taken to the hospital to be treated for injuries suffered in a collision with another vehicle Monday afternoon in Paso Robles.

It happened at about 2:30 p.m. at Spring and 7th streets.

According to police, witnesses said the driver of a sedan was turning left from 7th Street onto Spring Street and struck the motorcycle. Police say the driver’s view was partially obstructed because of a truck parked along the road.

The male motorcycle rider was reportedly ejected from his bike onto the street. The extent of his injuries is unknown. The driver of the sedan was not hurt.

The intersection was closed to traffic while officers conducted their investigation.

Picture of tow truck hauling a car after a crashPicture of motorcycle hit by car

A car involved in a crash with a motorcycle is hauled away in Paso Robles. (KSBY photo)

Picture of motorcycle crosswalk accident

Officers examine a motorcycle involved in a crash at Spring and 7th streets. (KSBY photo)

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