Is There a Rise in Personal Injuries in the Spring


Is there a rise in personal injuries in the spring? As flowers begin to bloom and sunny skies prevail, outdoor enthusiasts embark on their favorite time of year. The weather lends itself to more activity but with that comes the potential for more personal injury accidents.

Because of that accelerated increase in activity, personal injuries often rise in the spring. The warm weather gets people leaning more toward outdoor activities as opposed to sticking inside watching television or reading.

Perhaps it’s time to clean gutters or do chores around the yard. People are also more apt to be involved in springtime sports. Perhaps a competitive spring personality will opt for a softball, baseball, soccer or flag football league.

Spring also lends itself to other activities like riding bicycles, motorcycles or hiking. All of these outdoor activities could potentially lead to more personal injuries in the spring.

Neck, back, ankle, knee and other catastrophic injuries are some of the potential events possible in warmer spring time weather. Outdoor physical activity can be brutal at times especially without preventative measures. Protective gear for bikes is one example of a way to avoid such personal injuries. A helmet is always a good idea for any bicycle or motorcycle. It can cut down on the full extent of any personal injury should an accident occur.

When riding a bicycle or motorcycle, it’s also good to be extra cautious because drivers may not be paying attention. Drivers also aren’t ready for the heavy influx of new bicycle and motorcycle riders due to the warm weather. That means the number of accidents could be significantly higher in Spring weather. Awareness of bicycle and motorcycle riders is an ongoing issue across the United States and even in San Luis Obispo, California. Motorcycle drivers have to almost be proactive to the extent of making automobile drivers aware of their existence at all times.

For hikers, building up momentum to take the longer and more difficult trails and terrain might be wise initially. This could prevent muscle tears, knee, and back injuries for those trying to push too hard too fast.

Having someone hold the ladder is an obvious protective measure for climbing up to clean the gutters for the first time during the spring.

Too much golf could also lead to some lower back pain or perhaps even a ruptured disc. Perhaps the best prevention is to ease back into the sport with a few light rounds.

During the winter months, people may get cabin fever and simply push their bodies too hard once spring time arrives. Personal Injuries in the spring often result because of that anxiousness to go too fast too soon.

The most important tip is to be careful and use caution as spring starts. It’s just the beginning of the great weather.

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