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In 2010, the state of California saw 2,520 fatal motor vehicle collisions resulting in 2,739 fatalities. Non-fatal collisions in 2010 totaled 161,094, with 229,354 injuries. For the victims of these accidents, even one car wreck is too many. If you suffer injury in a motor vehicle accident and it was not your fault, seek quality representation. The Arroyo Grande auto accident lawyers at James McKiernan Lawyers stand ready to help.

What are Some Common Causes of Auto Accidents?

The best way to avoid a car accident is to understand how accidents commonly happen. A Arroyo Grande auto accident lawyer from our firm is ready to explain some of the major causes of motor vehicle wrecks. These tips for the road may keep you safer next time you travel ― whether it is a short commute to work or a longer trip to visit family and friends. Keep an eye out for these unsafe drivers, and be sure to avoid these behaviors yourself:

  • Distracted drivers ― Distracted driving behaviors includes texting, talking on a mobile phone, rubbernecking and adjusting technologies such as radio, GPS, etc.
  • Driver fatigue ― Drowsy driving leads to drifting vehicles, varying road speeds and bad decision-making.
  • Drunk driving or driving under the influence ― Drunk drivers kill about 16,000 people per year.
  • Speeding ― Speeding increases the risk of crashing, and reduces the time necessary to avoid a crash.
  • Aggressive driving ― Aggressive drivers tend to tailgate, flash their lights, fail to yield, disregard traffic signals or display rude or aggressive behavior. Do not engage aggressive drivers, and call 911 if a driver is behaving in an overtly dangerous way.
  • Weather ― Inclement weather such as snow, ice or other hazardous conditions can make driving dangerous. Use your lights and wipers and adjust your speed accordingly.

Arroyo Grande Auto Accident Lawyers Protecting Your Rights

After you are involved in a car wreck ― and you receive medical attention for your injuries ― take the next steps and contact an accident injury attorney to find out if you are due compensation. The dedicated staff at James McKiernan Lawyers work hard to find out the parties at fault for your accident.

Contact Our Arroyo Grande Auto Accident Lawyers for Help Today

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