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Santa Barbara Boat Fire Leaves 34 Dead

On Labor Day, off the coast of Santa Cruz Island, a fire broke out on the 75-foot diving vessel Conception. There were 39 passengers and crew on board the Conception that morning. Yet, rescuers could only save five crew members; the remaining 34 passengers perished. We do know that all passengers and one crew member were asleep below deck when the fire started. The fire blocked the two exits. Santa Barbara County is leading an extensive investigation to find the cause of the fire.

The Boating Accident Investigation Gets Underway

First responders and the Coast Guard will work with a team of 16 investigators for up to two weeks on-site. These investigators specialize in engineering, operations, and fire prevention. Additionally, the investigators will talk to the crew and Truth Aquatics, the owner of Conception. Four of the five crew members tested negative for alcohol, but drug tests results are pending.

The Conception is currently submerged underwater. Before they raise the boat, divers will photograph the wreckage and other evidence. The National Transportation Safety Board is currently waiting for documentation from Truth Aquatics. It will investigate the boat’s maintenance, training records, manuals, inspection reports, and licensing information. 

Santa Barbara Boating Accidents are Often Tragic

In 2017, according to the U.S. Coast Guard, there were 4,291 boating accidents on the water. These accidents resulted in 2,629 injuries, 658 deaths and over $46 million dollars of damage to property. Furthermore, 76% of fatal boating accident victims drowned and 84.5% of those were not wearing a life jacket at the time of the accident. 

Contact Our Santa Barbara Boat Accident Lawyers

If you or someone you love was hurt in a boat accident in Santa Barbara or anywhere in California, it is important to know your legal rights. If another person’s negligence led to your injuries, you may be able to file a personal injury claim to collect compensation. An experienced Santa Barbara boat accident lawyer can help you during this difficult time. 

At James McKiernan Lawyers, we know what insurance companies do to reduce their liabilities. We then use this knowledge to build a solid case for our clients for maximum compensation. Call us today at (805) 618-2245 for a free initial consultation or fill out our confidential contact form

5 Tips To Prevent Tire Related Accidents

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates show that car accidents are a major cause of injuries and deaths in the United States. According to CDC estimates more than 2 million people suffer injuries in car accidents each year, and 200,000 require hospitalization. An additional 35,000 plus lose their lives during or after the collision.

While there are many causes of car accidents, such as drunk or distracted driving, there are some risk factors that many drivers overlook. Tires can cause an accident under the right circumstances, and not just the tires on your car, but on the vehicles of nearby motorists.

Of all of the important pieces of equipment to maintain on a vehicle, tires and brakes should be near the top. Follow the tips below to reduce the risk of suffering harm in a tire related accident.

Keep Your Tires Inflated

You need adequate tire pressure to give your vehicle optimal braking and steering abilities. Tire pressure is essential for maintaining control of your vehicle, especially during poor weather conditions. You could also suffer a blowout if you do not ensure your tires are properly pressurized. Blowouts can lead to a sudden loss of control that leads to an accident.

You should look at your vehicle’s owners’ manual to determine how to optimize pressure for your tires. Always abide by the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Check Tire Tread Depth

Tire tread depth is also important for avoiding an accident. If you do not have enough tread depth, then you could have a more difficult time stopping and could be at higher risk for hydroplaning during rainy weather conditions. Simply put, your tire tread depth determines how well your vehicle can maintain traction with the road.

You can use the penny test to determine whether your vehicle has proper tread depth. This technique is also called the Lincoln Test.

Scan for Potholes

Potholes are a major hazard, not just for your car, but also your tires. This is more true for people who are driving smaller passenger vehicles. Trucks with large enough tires may have an easier time passing over a pothole.

Regardless of what vehicle you are driving, it is a good idea to keep an eye out for potholes at all times. Distractions can take your attention away from hazards that are in front of your vehicle. If you hit a large enough pothole, you could lose control of your vehicle and collide with other motorists or objects.

Be Prepared for the Worst

Tire maintenance is important for avoiding an accident, but so is how to handle your tires if you experience certain hazards. Keep in mind that there are certain hazards that could cause your tires to fail. During hydroplaning, it is important to take certain actions to prevent yourself from losing control of your vehicle..

Preparing for the worst can help you reduce the risk of an accident. You should never drive at speeds that are faster than current conditions permit even if you have great tires. Not only is it a state law, staying at a speed that matches surrounding conditions could save your life.

You should also keep a safe distance behind other vehicles. If your tires fail for any reason, you need an adequate amount of room to come to a safe stop. Additionally, you should always drive with a spare tire so you can drive to a nearby service station if necessary.

Buy the Right Type of Tires

Not all tires are made equally. Some tires may have safety issues or could be under recall. You should do some research on the tires you want to buy beforehand. Additionally, certain types of tires are useful for specific seasons. Winter tires can help with snow and ice if you live in the mountains.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has a tire buying guide that can help you make the safest selection for you and your family.

About Our San Luis Obispo Car Accident Lawyers

James McKiernan Lawyers has years of experience helping accident survivors and their families. If you or a loved one suffered harm during an accident, then our experienced attorneys can help explain your potential legal options.

We offer free initial consultations at our firm. To schedule a free consultation with one of our San Luis Obispo car accident lawyers, give us a call at (888)442-2918 or use the contact form on our website.


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