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University of Southern California Faces Numerous Sexual Assault Lawsuits

The University of Southern California (USC) is facing numerous lawsuits over allegations that the campus health center gynecologist sexually assaulted dozens of students during routine exams. More than 50 cases are currently being investigated. According to the allegations, USC ignored warnings from students about the doctor for nearly 30 years.

Allegations against the doctor suggest that he made sexually-charged comments towards patients during examinations. In other cases, women reported being physically assaulted by the doctor. Although the doctor claims there was nothing unprofessional about his actions, USC’s internal investigation concluded that his behavior during exams was “outside the scope of current medical practice.”

USC allowed to doctor to continue practicing until 2016, when a nurse reported him to a campus rape crisis center. Campus administrators allowed the doctor to resign last summer.

Due to the number of allegations against the doctor, USC may have to pay tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars to settle lawsuits. As of June 24, 15 lawsuits have been filed against USC. Plaintiffs’ attorneys told the Los Angeles Times that they expect USC to settle with the victims.

Filing a Sexual Assault Lawsuit in California

Victims of sexual assault may be able to recover compensation for physical and emotional injuries by filing lawsuits. If you have questions about your legal rights after being sexually assaulted, then you can speak to an attorney at James McKiernan Lawyers at no cost during a consultation. To schedule a consultation, call us at (800) 200-HURT or use our confidential online case review form.

What Does My Home Insurance Policy Cover?

As a working adult, you’re probably aware of the importance of insurance and keeping all of your property safe. Car insurance, life insurance, and health insurance are pretty straightforward when it comes to knowing how you’ll be covered. However, many people might not understand the importance of home insurance as well. If you have recently purchased a home, you should know why home insurance is valuable in protecting you and your family.

Why Is Home Insurance Essential?

  • Minimum hazard coverage: Many mortgage lenders will require homebuyers to purchase a base level, “hazard” or “homeowner’s” insurance, or HOI. HOIs will provide coverage for property damage resulting from fire, wind, hail, theft or any other sort of similar damage.
  • Multiple lines of protection: Sometimes the base level of your HOI will only provide coverage for your home itself and not include other personal property protection. It’s important that as a new homebuyer you explore your options and buy insurance that covers multiple lines of damage and/or liability.
  • Liability coverage: Many standard HOI policies will provide liability coverage. This includes protection for personal liability to others that occurs on your property. Liability insurance will be extremely useful in order to protect against any injury claims from construction workers, trespassers, or other people who accidentally got hurt.
  • Personal property insurance: When purchasing a separate personal property insurance policy (if your HOI policy doesn’t include this type of coverage) you should make a list of personal property inventory. Personal property coverage will be especially useful in the case of a natural disaster or theft.

You can’t predict a natural disaster or some other unfortunate experience that may occur and damage your property. Home insurance is crucial if you have real and personal property that you would like to ensure will be safe in case of any damages or injuries. Contact our real estate lawyers at James McKiernan Lawyers today if someone has been injured on your property and wants to file a claim.

Rollover Crash Shuts Down Several Streets in Santa Maria

Santa Maria Police have shut down several streets near Battles and Shepherd Street because of a rollover crash overnight Wednesday.

First responders said around 12:05 a.m. Wednesday, two vehicles collided at Battles and Shepherd Street. Three ambulances and multiple units responded.

Officials said there were several injuries reported, including three minor and three moderately injured people.

This is a developing story, more information will be added as it becomes available.


If you have been injured or lost a loved one due to someone’s wrongful conduct or negligence in California, you may have a right to a wrongful death claim against the negligent party. James McKiernan Lawyers encourages anyone who may find him or herself in such a difficult situation to contact an experienced Central Coast Personal Injury Attorney at 1-800-200-HURT (4878) for a free case evaluation. We only get paid if you get paid. Our offices are conveniently located throughout California.

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As we publish and share accident information, we make all possible efforts to ensure its correctness, but for the aforementioned reasons, we cannot guarantee that our content is completely accurate. Although we generally respond to inquiries and requests to change, update or amend the content and articles that we publish, we cannot promise that we’ll be able to do so within a given time frame.

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How Can I Protect My Intellectual Property?

There are many different methods of protection when it comes to tangible, or real property. There are a wide variety of insurance policies and other forms of protection coverage for your home, car, or other property. You might be wondering if there are forms of protection for intangible property. Intellectual property is a form of property that can include intangible creations, such as inventions, designs, or any other abstract findings. If you have an idea for the creation of intellectual property, it’s important that you know the three methods of protection to keep your idea safe and legally protected.

What Are the Forms of Protection for Intellectual Property?

  • Copyright: This is a tangible document of your legal rights to protect your intellectual property. If you copyright your creation, you will be protecting your right to sue infringers and can collect damages and attorney’s fees if you ever file a lawsuit. Any books, paintings, music, sculptures, films, computer programs, advertisements, or maps should be copyrighted.
  • Trademark: Registering your intellectual property under a trademark will simply give proper legitimacy to your product. Trademarks help distinguish your good or service of one enterprise from any other enterprise.
  • Patent: A patent gives you an exclusive right to an invention, which is defined as a good or service that provides a new way of doing something or offers a new solution to a problem. In order to receive a patent, you must provide technical information about your product or service to the public.

What Else Can I Do to Protect My Intellectual Property?

Besides registering your product or service under the appropriate IP protection, there are a few other things you can do to make sure your creation is protected from infringement. You can also:

  • Receive foreign registration: If you plan to sell or provide your creation oversees, it will be important for you to register it abroad.
  • Keep it a secret: In general, you should limit the people you speak to about your intellectual property until you know it is fully legally protected.
  • Oversee your marketplace: Keep an eye on your industry in case your IP protection misses something. Pay attention to new products and companies, watch out for Internet searches and alerts, and investigate any products that are similar to yours.

If you believe that your intellectual property has experienced infringement, you should take legal action as soon as possible. Contact our business dispute attorneys at James McKiernan Lawyers today to schedule a free consultation.


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