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California Accident Injury Trial Lawyers

New Auto Part Recalls To Look Out For In The New Year

You’ve probably watched the news and heard that certain car manufacturers or auto companies are having huge auto part recalls, but you might not have known what that really meant, or if it applied to you. Product defects in cars are a major cause of car accidents, so it’s important to know what it means if your car has a product recall and what that process entails.


Unfortunately, defective products frequently hit the automobile market, causing serious injury to children and adults. Fortunately, our news media usually lets us know when there’s a massive product recall so we can prepare and take our vehicles in to the dealership for repairs. There are some companies recently that have been in the news when it comes to product vehicle recalls, specifically when it comes to airbags. Airbags are commonly recalled, and it’s important to be aware of these recalls because airbags keep you and your family safe while driving.

Recently in the news, the Japanese airbag company supplier Takata was blamed for installing extremely dangerous defective airbags in nearly two dozen car brands. The issue involves a defective inflator and an explosive propellant that deploys during crashes. From 2014 to November 2017, there were various airbag recalls for Toyota, Honda, Chrysler, Ford, Mazda, and a few other brands. Even at the end of 2017, there was multiple research studies done that showed that Toyota and Honda models from 10 to 15 years ago still had a chance of having dangerous materials in their Takata airbags. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, or the NHTSA, has more information on their website listing every model affected.

If a defective product, such as an airbag, has affected you or your family, don’t be afraid to take legal action. The San Luis Obispo lawyers at James McKiernan can help, and you may be entitled to compensation from the manufacturer, mechanic, distributer, retailer, shipping company or any other liable party.

Don’t Fall For These Auto Accident Scams

Anyone can say that a car accident is one of the most traumatic, expensive, and dangerous events to happen to them. After recovering from the shock and the physical damage, the last thing you’ll want to worry about is someone trying to scam you. Here are some things you can look out for in an auto accident scam(because no one likes to be caught off-guard).

two drivers arguing over car accident liability

Types of Scams

One common type of auto accident scam is a staged accident. An example of a staged accident is a T-Bone accident. This is when a scam artist will wait for you to go through an intersection, and then proceed to ram into you and T-bone your car. Another scam accident could be The Wave, which is when someone gives you the wave signal to switch lanes, but when you do they will accelerate and collide with your car, claiming that it was your fault. One last example is the Swoop and Stop, which is when a car will suddenly pull in front of yours and stop, causing an accident.

Another type of auto accident scam is claiming phony injuries at the scene of the accident. Someone might claim that they were seriously injured when you clearly saw they weren’t. They might even work with shady doctors and file personal injury claims for fraudulent injuries. These scams are difficult to detect, but it’s important to be alert to the other party and what they’re claiming.

One last type of auto accident scam that you should be aware of is a towing scam. Be careful if tow trucks approach you before you had time to call for assistance. These scam artists are probably attempting to scam you by offering a tow at very inflated rates. Always look for an official title of the towing company, or ask for proper documentation or proof if you feel unsure.

The San Luis Obispo automobile accident attorneys at James McKiernan Lawyers help people all along the Central Coast who have been injured in an auto accident to recover compensation for their injuries. We will also conduct a thorough investigation into the cause of the accident, including identifying all responsible parties and helping to find any potential scammers.

Practice These Safety Measures To Avoid Child Head Injuries In Your Home

Head injuries in young children are common and dangerous, and potentially fatal, so it’s important to know how to prevent them as a parent. Child-proofing your home, keeping your backyard and outdoor areas safe, and having bed and crib safety are three ways you can help avoid child head injuries.

child girl looking through open window at nature autumnChild-proofing your home can seem like a tedious task, but it’s the number one way to make sure your children are safe. You can install window guards on all windows that can open. You can also place a safety gate at the top or bottom of your stairs, and in general make sure that your kids aren’t playing and running up and down the stairwell. Having high chairs with actual safety belts is important, as well as storing any dangerous weapons or sharp objects away in locked cabinets.

Another way to reduce child head injuries is to make sure the outside of your home is safe. Make sure all playground materials are safe with shock-absorbing materials like rubber or soft mulch. Also ensure that all playground or outside structures are not too high off the ground. Trampolines, although fun, result in many child head injuries every year, so removing them from your backyard can reduce injury.

The last main way you can reduce head injuries in your children is to make sure your bed and cribs are protected. Keep side rails on your cribs up, especially at night. Also, don’t let your children jump on the beds, and if you have bunk beds make sure the ladder and frames are strong and that there are side rails on the top bunk.

With these prevention tips, you can reduce the likelihood of a head injury in your family’s home. In case there is a life-threatening accident, you may be entitled to a monetary award from a negligent party, and the skilled head injury lawyers at James McKiernan can help maximum your compensation and help you recover in peace.

How To Protect Your Home Against Wildfires

For families living in California, life can currently seem pretty dangerous. Your home, specifically, can be at risk when it comes to wildfires. Wildfires and forest fires can spread very quickly and can put your home, and family, in danger if you’re not prepared. Thankfully, there are a few ways to reduce your home’s flammability and prepare for any other future wildfires to keep your family safe. The three most important factors in protecting your home are knowing your location, eliminating flammable materials in your home, and ensuring defensible space.

Geography is extremely important; this refers to where in California your neighborhood is located and where your house is located on the landscape. Mountainous regions of California are the most likely regions to suffer from quick spreading wildfires; this is because of the wind tunnels and dry grass surrounding these neighborhoods. Building your home on a steep slope surrounded by wild lands will put your property at the highest risk.

The next factor is making sure to get rid of flammable objects and features in your home. These things could include nail polish remover, aerosol cans, open gasoline containers, and hand sanitizer, among others. One of the main hazards that can increase your home’s flammability is having open and wind-blown embers, specifically from fireplaces. You can install ember resistant vents, Class A Roofing, or just remove flammable materials from the proximity of open fires to prevent embers from causing problems.

The last factor in keeping your home safe from fires is having adequate defensible space. This means having enough cover around your house in order to reduce structure loss in case of a massive fire. One hundred feet is usually enough, and within that range, make sure there’s no excess vegetation hanging or touching your structure.

The San Luis Obispo property damage lawyers at James McKiernan will work at uncovering the cost of your home’s damage, establishing liability and defending you in court, if needed.


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